Caring for Your English Bulldog Puppy

Did you just bring home an adorable English bulldog puppy from Bulldog Angels? Congratulations! We know you’re going to enjoy life with your new best friend. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to take proper care of your new pup in order to keep him happy and healthy.


Pay your new puppy lots of attention

Your new English bulldog puppy might be feeling anxious and miss his parents and siblings. Ease his transition by spending lots of time with him when you first bring him home. Let him sniff around the house and give him plenty of love.

Get some chew toys

All puppies like to chew, but if you properly train your English bulldog puppy, she won’t chew on things you’d rather she left alone (shoes, furniture, etc.) Get her some chew toys and redirect her when she chews on something she shouldn’t.

Set a feeding schedule

For the first four months of your puppy’s life, feed him three times a day. Between five months and a year, you can feed him twice a day, reducing to once a day after he’s a year old. Be careful to avoid forbidden foods like walnuts, which are known to affect the nervous systems of English bulldogs and may even cause muscle damage. Also stay away from chocolate, avocadoes and anything containing caffeine or alcohol.

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